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How to Detect the Moisture of Butyl Rubber Stopper?

Apr. 15, 2021

As a Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper Supplier, let me share with you. How to detect the moisture of the butyl rubber stopper? This instrument has the functions of temperature setting, fine-tuning temperature compensation and automatic control. It is a new generation of halogen rapid moisture measurement instrument developed by the current general pyrolysis principle. The introduction of high-quality automatic weighing display system, humanized system operation, no special training, automatic calibration function, automatic test mode, sampling, drying, and measurement are all in one machine.

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

The strain-type mixed gas heater can reach the heating power in a short time, and the sample is quickly dried at high temperature. The measurement accuracy is high, the time is short, no consumables, simple operation, and it is not affected by the environment, time drift, temperature drift, and no auxiliary equipment is needed. Etc. Customers can adjust the test space according to the state of the tested samples (samples such as bird's nest, fiber, tobacco, etc.). The flakes, particles, and powders are operated in one machine, and the accuracy of detection and testing is much higher than that of the standard method. The computer and printer connection function can instantly print or record and store the moisture value locked in the automatic judgment mode at the end point.

The development trend of butyl rubber stoppers:

According to the above introduction, combined with the current status of the use of butyl rubber stopper membrane technology at home and abroad, to obtain a butyl rubber stopper with good film-forming properties, the following development trends:

1. The elasticity and flexibility of the film should be good, and uniform.

2. The membrane material must have good biological stability and biocompatibility, and undergo rigorous biological tests, including acute systemic toxicity test and subcutaneous toxicity test.

3. The membrane material and the butyl rubber stopper are not easy to fall off after forming and combining, resulting in secondary pollution.

4. The membrane material should have good isolation performance, which can effectively prevent the absorption of metal ions in the butyl rubber stopper by the liquid medicine.

5. It has good lubricity. Because the butyl rubber stopper moves during the filling process with the liquid medicine, the good lubricity can ensure the butyl rubber stopper to move efficiently on the conveying track and ensure the production efficiency of the pharmaceutical factory.

6. The membrane material should have good thermal stability and high temperature disinfection resistance, because the butyl rubber stopper has to go through various sterilization and disinfection processes in different liquids, such as high-pressure moist heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, Sterilization by radiation rays, etc.

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