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Do you know the Application of Butyl Rubber in Medical Bottle Stoppers?

Mar. 29, 2021

As a Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper Supplier, let me share with you.

The medical bottle stopper is a special rubber product for sealing packaging that directly contacts the drug. Its performance and quality directly affect the effectiveness, quality stability and ease of use of the drug. Medical bottle stoppers are often disinfected under high temperature, high pressure conditions or in various disinfectants. Sometimes long-term storage under low temperature conditions is required. Therefore, the chemical properties, physical and mechanical properties and biological properties of the rubber are strict. Claim. Since the stopper is in direct contact with the medicine, it is possible that the extractables of the stopper may be dispersed and immersed into the medicine to contaminate the medicine, or the activity of the medicine may be reduced because the stopper absorbs certain ingredients in the medicine. Butyl rubber not only has low air permeability, but also has excellent resistance to oxidation, acid and alkali, heat and chemical damage. After using the butyl rubber bottle stopper, in addition to the pharmaceutical factory can simplify the packaging process, switch to the open aluminum cap, eliminate the sealing wax and reduce the cost, but also convenient for injection.

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

The internal cleanliness, chemical stability, air tightness, and biological performance of butyl rubber bottle stoppers are all very good. However, due to the complexity of the formula and the concentration gradient of the added raw materials, it is encapsulated by some drugs with relatively strong molecular activity. Absorption, adsorption, leaching, and penetration have caused compatibility problems between rubber stoppers and drugs. Therefore, by selecting an inert soft coating to cover the surface of the rubber stopper to isolate the direct contact between the drug and the rubber stopper, the compatibility with the drug can be significantly improved.

After the butyl rubber stopper is coated, because of its many potentials, for example, by forming a layer of film on the surface of the rubber stopper, the following potentials can be manifested:

1. Improve the long-term stability of the drug by forming a film on the surface of the rubber stopper;

2. It can effectively reduce the absorption, adsorption, leaching and permeation between the rubber stopper and the drug, and improve the long-term stability of the drug;

3. Improve the mechanical lubricity of rubber plugs;

4. Greatly reduce the increase in the number of insoluble particles in the liquid medicine caused by silicone oil;

5. Cleanliness, chemical stability, air tightness and biological performance are all very good;

6. Low gas permeability;

7. High chemical resistance;

8. It has a high internal cleanliness.

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